Shun the non-believers

Recently, someone in the shop bought an ’07 EX250 for $500.  She looked good, but she was making a horrible racket.  Nearly everyone in the shop said the motor was junk and that it was a huge waste of money. They thought the pistons were hitting the valves.

But we knew better.

After looking into the issue further the cam chain tensioner was removed, cleaned, greased, and re-installed.  This fixed the horrible sound the engine was making, but only temporarily.  However, it did confirm this was the source of the problem.

A Krieger Manual Cam Chain Tensioner was purchased and installed in about 10 minutes.  After carefully installing the new unit and making sure it was within spec, the baby ninja fired up and sounded brand new.

Not too bad for a $500 beater.

2002 Suzuki VZ 800

This VZ 800 came into the shop in pristine condition. It was unmolested, and all stock. No damage to speak of. The engine ran great, with no leaking, smoking, or weird noises. The tank is clean inside and out. The saddlebags look brand new, and include all hardware. Don’t wait to pick up what you need; parts this clean never stay in stock long.

2006 Ducati 749

This 749 was absolutely gorgeous.  It has a Remus exhaust, carbon fiber mirrors, ISR clutch & brake masters, and a Bitubo shock. This bike was in near perfect condition so the suspension, brakes, electronics, and wheels all look awesome, and perform as they should. If you need any parts for your 749, jump on them now, they will not stay in stock long.

2001 Kawasaki ZX-12

These ZX-12s are getting more rare every day. This one had a good running motor, no leaking or smoking. It has beautiful chrome wheels. The rear subframe, swing arm, and brakes are all straight. We have the headlights, gauges, wiring harness and ECU all in stock, tested, and ready to ship. Come see what we have in stock now.


P1000013 P1000034 P1000079 P1000227

2006 Suzuki C50

Wow, we don’t see too many C50’s this clean. The engine ran well with no issues to speak of. The tank is beautiful. We have both saddlebags in excellent condition. The suspension is straight – forks, swing arm, shock – all ready to go. The gauges, ECU, wiring harness and the rest of the electrical components are in great working order.

P1210737 P1210745 P1210852 P1230295 P1230299